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Samantha Fisher's Tarot Cards Exhibition

Opening reception August 26th, 6:30 - 9:30pm.

The Tarot, to me symbolizes a visual interpretation of life in all its forms and facets. As an artist I relate to the rich history and imagery of the deck. The deck is such a simple yet effective way to represent the entirety of life. Something that you can hold in your hand, soak in its beauty and also use it as a guide to your future. A beautiful stack of brightly colored drawings that can give you guidance and lead you to new discoveries and new purpose in life. The deck is a vehicle in which imagery can bring way to words and give answers to you when your in need of direction. A magical amalgamation of the world wrapped up in a simple yet symbolically packed stack of tiny fortune tellers. 

Blind Insect is a community space that features a unique collection of various artists and creatives from Peru, Uruguay, Chile, México,, Puerto Rico, Seattle, Boise, California, Poland, Portland, and more. With rotating artists, the gallery shares artwork in various media including sculpture, 2D and 3D media, paintings, collages, glass, paper maché, reproductions, and more... A space to sell your AMAZING artwork. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always looking for new artists.

art for all

Blind Insect's gallery and shop feature over two dozen emerging artists from local Portlanders, to artists in Russia and South America. We pride ourselves on giving emerging and multicultural artists a platform to exhibit their work while also providing artworks at affordable price points to encourage art collecting at any age and stage of life. Collecting and living with original artwork and high-quality reproductions should be within everyone's grasp and we are doing our part to make that happen. 


Community Events


A gathering of culture, music, flavors, and art.

On July 29th, we are excited to present the third installment of BARRIO, a gathering of culture, sounds, flavors, and art. This month Blind Insect Gallery is featuring Russia. Under the umbrella of Russian-speaking artists, the culture that comes forth is unique and diverse in its roots.

As the third installment of this project, we're going to feature the artworks by the Russian artists Aleksandra Apocalisse, Igor Snigirev, Inna Pustakhanova, Oksana K, Oleg Kash, Tatyana Ostapenko, Anya Mironets, Goni Na Lyubov, and Yana Golberg.

We will explore the sounds of Russian musician and songwriter Irina Myachkin and dance music with the Dj Zhenya. Fools House Art Collective will be bringing us a uniquely immersive experience via theater. @housefoolofart

This BARRIO We are bringing together the flavors of Russia via a participatory style pot luck. We will be happy to see your version of a Russian tapas to share with the community.

All are welcome to come and explore culture and art with the Blind Insect Gallery. Opening Reception and event runs from 6:30pm - 9:00pm on Thursday, July 29th at Blind Insect Gallery.




We're Open!

2841 NE Alberta st

Portland OR 97211

Wed-Fri 11 AM–3 PM

Sat-Sun 11 AM–4 PM

& by Appointment.