Annelie Thurin

I hand-cut paper and fashion the colorful pieces into pictures. The method is like the laying of a mosaic as both the shape and the placement of each cut piece are important. I work with different kinds of paper, my favorite being the matte silk-screened variety that comes in a wide array of colors. If light and texture are desired, I use recycled magazines. Newsprint gives the artwork patina as it yellows with time. The process of cutting paper by hand is time-consuming, yet satisfying and meditative. Most often my goal is to create a piece of beauty, and I pull inspiration from nature, a historical still life at the art museum, or the shapely legs of a ballerina. I grew up in Dalarna, a Swedish province replete with folk art of all kinds, and I learned early to value handcraft and tradition. I also believe in keeping these relevant by exploring new materials and techniques, and many of my artworks are inspired by themes and colors found in traditional Swedish embroidery and furniture painting.