About Me

     Pepe Moscoso is a Portland-based Visual Artist, Creative Consultant, Arts Producer, and Lawyer. Moscoso´s work features themes of education, inclusion, exploration of identity, diversity, personal narratives, and storytelling in a variety of mediums. For the past 12 years, Moscoso has worked as a radio host, producer, and consultant helping organizations with creative projects that impact the community. Moscoso is the founder of Lente Móvil, a project that produces multidisciplinary programs to advance equity and inclusion and to reframe culture in our community. We bring diverse groups together with events that fuse discussion, media, art, gastronomy, and community to create connections and transformative experiences.


His interest in art dates back to my years in his country México. He always his self. He finished my degree in laws and He worked for 5 years.think art is beautiful and expresses important ideas and feelings. Living in his country he never had the chance to learn art or skills to express


When he started to travel he had the opportunity to be exposed to full range of workshops, all of which tended to reinforce and solidify his intense interest in art. He had the opportunity to study a number of skills, like photography, printing, collage etc..

Outside of Moscoso´s social activism work, he is most known for his photo-collage artwork that includes imagery of memories and dreams from childhood, allowing the viewer to peek into the magical world that children create through fantasies and games. Moscoso´s work features personal stories, dramas, and dreams, with the intention of the viewer to see themselves in each character, frame, and landscape.


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