Artist: Cheryl Chudyk

Artwork Title: Ann Was Sad

Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches.

Media: Analog Collage


"I think to children, everyone is an equal. There is no race, no prejudice, no fear. Their bias is toward something simple and innocent, like befriending someone based on an article of clothing. Children are eventually influenced by the biases their caregivers hold. It’s the truths they grow up with. I had a lot of socio-political biases impressed upon me that I didn’t shake for 20 years. I learned from bias training at work that hurricanes with female names tend to be more historically devastating than those with male names...and it’s because people do more preparations for a hurricane with a male name than a female name. These biases are so ingrained in all of us, and they are difficult to shake.”


Copyright 2021 Cheryl Chudyk

"Ann Was Sad" Analog Collage