Birch Tree Seedling

Jennifer Foran

Wood round with wood burned detail, ink, stain & acrylic

4 ¼”-5”x ½”



Jennifer Foran is an artist living in Portland, Oregon.  Her art reflects her love of nature.   She draws her inspiration from the nature that surrounds her.  A large body of her work is inspired by views of Mt. Tabor Park in Portland.  She continues to visit the park regularly for new ideas. She credits her son, Liam, and daughter, Lydia, for her Change of Seasons Series.  The time spent with her son and daughter has made her slow down, play more, go for walks and be outside more often. 

When people see her art she wants them to discover the cycles within nature; the soft-spoken reminder that everything is connected; a balance of give and take.

"Birch Tree Seedling"