Artwork title: “Creatoli’s Harp”⁠

Medium: Watercolor on watercolor paper

Dimensions: 18 x 14


Each artwork is accompanied by its own narrative  //  "A plant in the Dillydell bogs produces large, bulbous pods filled with seeds. Many of the creatures of the Vexed Mists rely on these seeds as a source of protein, and some occasionally make the leftover shell into an instrument. This harp has been hollowed to a uniform shape, carefully preserved in layers of resin, and strung with Polkin’s hair. The image painted on the instrument is Creatoli the Earth Serpent, the god of soil, stone and sand who swallowed the fires of the heavens and took them deep into the world in his belly. "


All rights reserved © Jorie Jenkins

"Creatoli’s Harp" original piece by Jorie Jenkins