Artist: Cheryl Chudyk

Artwork Title: Fondle Me

Dimensions: 11 x 14 inches.

Media: Analog Collage


"I grew up near Vancouver, BC and I had never really known life without water and beaches. I remember having a friend visit from Ontario that was taken aback at the beauty of Vancouver’s English Bay. I grew up fishing for salmon in West Vancouver, seeing killer whales off our small boat in Tsawwassen, taking ferries from North Vancouver, and collecting sea glass along the shores. I remember working in BC’s Interior, and the people there talked about “going to the coast” when talking about heading into the greater Vancouver area. When I moved to Seattle, people would talk about taking a long drive to the “ocean.” I guess the Puget Sound isn’t quite like the magic of Vancouver’s waters, and I miss it .”


Copyright 2021 Cheryl Chudyk

"Fondle Me" Analog Collage