Artist: Kellette Elliott

Artwork Title: Fresh Start

Dimensions: 9.75 x 7.25 inches.

Media: Analog Collage


“Fresh Start” was created in 2019 after I left a job after 5 years. That year my mom passed away, I had surgery and complications from the surgery, and I was just exhausted. I was ready for a fresh start! I started a new job and left all of my past stressed behind.


Overall, I love to capture the “everyday moments”. Because of some hardships I have experienced, I tend to really appreciate the simpler things like bike rides, swings, and the laughter of kids getting off the bus. Especially since the pandemic, many of these things were not as visible or available to experience, so I am grateful that things are starting to go back to normal.


Copyright 2021 Kellette Elliott


"Fresh Start" Analog Collage