Artist: Sydney Rose

Artwork Title: God's Creatures

Dimensions: 11 x 8.5 inches.

Media: Analog Collage


“A musing on the absurdity of all earthly creatures being birthed from a single source. A literal depiction of creation - if we were created in God's image... and this God created all life on earth... would all life have been birthed in a mammalian way in the beginning? From that place somewhere, up high, floating above us? It might be nonsense but have you noticed how similar a human fetus looks to a chicken in those early days of development? Is the one who births the beings more akin to God or the one who directs the birth? How far removed are our current medical birth practices from how life emerged at our origins? I have a lot of questions. Maybe you do, too."


Copyright 2021 Sydney Rose


"God's Creatures" Analog Collage