What demons can be confronted by artwork that seeks soft and mindful moments? The voice that fragments those moments by questioning their worth. Faced with the question of whether creation is inherently worth the time, I spent the end of 2021 accruing experimental paintings on my studio table as a method of recordkeeping. Confronting the capitalistic assessments of time that could devalue these exploratory works, I collected the paintings into thickly stacked ‘pay periods’ and began to excavate their surfaces to examine the worth of time taken collectively. These new constructions continue each individual painting’s investigation into accrued history in a more direct way, as I physically stack the evidence of my productivity to create them.


Artwork title:  Grace Period

Medium: 11 layers of mixed media paintings mounted on panel

Dimensions: 10 x 10

Date of Creation: 2022


© 2022 Shannon Astolfi.  All rights reserved.

"Grace Period" Original Artwork by Shannon Astolfi