Artwork title: “Old Bynsch Language”⁠

Medium: Paint pen and colored pencil on paper

Dimensions: 12 x 18


Each artwork is accompanied by its own narrative  //  "While not the oldest of the languages in the Vexed Mists, it is thought to be the first in written form, intending to represent the sounds uttered by whales, fire, waterfalls, wolves, insects, birds, trees or volcanoes. Each of the symbols in Old Bynsch can be paired with others to create new meanings. Emphasis can be indicated by a symbol being drawn twice, or drawn larger. Dots are sometimes added to indicate gender, fertility, age, or the purpose of a noun within a contextual sentence. Each of the symbols in this ancient alphabet can be drawn in at least four ways, facing upright, on one side or the other, or upside down. "


All rights reserved © Jorie Jenkins

"Old Bynsch Language" Original piece by Jorie Jenkins