Artwork title: Paper Hats

Artist: Robin Kerr

Medium: Wax pencil, wax pastel, graphite, ink, acrylic paint

Dimensions: 11 x 14 x .75 in

Date of creation: 2021

This piece was created using soft-core pencil, pastel and graphite on high quality, 300 gsm mixed-media paper. Some of the shape elements are created using hand cut vinyl stencils. The textured colors are created using smudging and color transfer overlay. The piece is finished with fine art fixative for protection. The art is never representative in the traditional sense in that it is not supposed to look like something specific. Rather it is a distillation or combination of things observed and felt and thought about in the everyday. The result is large bold elements which are seen from afar, and smaller detailed pieces better seen close up. This piece is called Paper Hats since the work is reminiscent of confetti and origami and parties.

"Paper Hats"//Original Artwork