Artwork title: “Petroglyph, Glynmarra and Minotajo”⁠

Medium: Colored pencil on paper

Dimensions: 16 x 13


Each artwork is accompanied by its own narrative  //  "These petroglyphs can be found on the stones and petrified woodlands of the Isles of Moul. Depicting Glynmarra and Minotajo, both cosmic deities in the young Universe, the markings beside them are their names in Old Bynsch. Glynmarra’s reads ‘First Child of Mother Universe’. Minotajo’s name is ‘Tajotajo’, ‘Mino’ meaning ‘twice’, but the symbols of his name also represent his two heads. "


All rights reserved © Jorie Jenkins

"Petroglyph, Glynmarra and Minotajo" Original piece by Jorie Jenkins