Mix Media // Collage
Size: 22.5 X 17.5"

Location: Garden of the Gods, CO
Collection 2018

Pepe’s photo-collages captures memories and dreams of childhood. That magical world that children create through fantasies and games. Those adventures that are part of our past, like the tree house, the car, or the abandoned places that becomes our playground.

Each piece is unique because every piece is mounted on upcycled materials, like former kitchen cabinets. Each collage I seek and select the best framework to then encapsulate it with resin to protect the image.

Playing With Dinosaurs


    This series of pieces about dinosaurs transport us to the constant hours and games that we had as children and that our children now enjoy. Creating imaginary worlds where these awesome beings become our allies of adventures.


    Pepe’s works are like miniature documentaries of life’s everyday dramas. Transmitting the viewer into a world where combinations of dissonant entities coexist comfortably, his collage resonates with startling purpose.


    Each piece is a journey to the time. Rediscovering the forgotten places with a whimsical story.



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