Artwork title: “Ta’me Hunter (Frog)”⁠

Medium: Colored pencil on paper

Dimensions: 25 x 18


Each artwork is accompanied by its own narrative  //  "This bipedal frog tribe is the dominant species in the Vexed Mists, and they have inhabited the mangroves and marshes of the region for millennia, excelling at fishing, hunting, weaving and carving. Their physiologies and cultures have altered little over time. Stoic and soft spoken, they only move swiftly when absolutely necessary. Despite being closely related to smaller amphibians, the Ta’me have proven far less susceptible to environmental and climatic changes. Invasive species, such as the Zebra mussel, have imposed new threats on the tribes, and toxins in the water supply have been detected with increasing frequency. But this wise species upholds the belief that Man is also a child of Ehtum’yanu (Earth). Human travelers in search of the old Earth knowledge are offered protection and assistance without question"


All rights reserved © Jorie Jenkins

"Ta’me Hunter (Frog)" Original piece by Jorie Jenkins