"Sometimes our inner demons are loud, obnoxious, and relatively easy to identify. They scream at us, sneer at our efforts, and make sure they take front and centre in our attention. This body of work, however, addresses another species of demon. The Sneaky ones. The ones that slowly and quietly infiltrate our spirits over the span of years. Built-up over time much like the plaque deposits that lead to a heart attack, and in some ways equally destructive. These demons trick us into thinking that the things they say are for our own good. They seem well-intentioned after all. They look a lot like societal conditioning, and they often come wrapped in a package of guilt and obligation. These demons are extra tricky because they are often echoing the things we hear in mass media, and from our well-meaning friends and family. They’re often subtle and always appear to offer an elegant solution to the culturally and capitally created problem of being human and after years and decades of those helpful suggestions percolating into our being, we accept them as truth. Our Truth. Our sneaky little demons. And then, layer by layer, we create our identities based on all those helpful suggestions of who to be and how to be. Layer by layer we build our suits of armor."


Artwork title: The Pretty One

Medium: Black Stoneware

Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5

Date of Creation: 2021


© 2022 Sarah Plamondon.  All rights reserved.

"The Pretty One" Original Artwork by Sarah Plamondon