Artwork title: “Universal Mother, Chimaquatka”⁠

Medium: Paint pen and colored pencil on paper

Dimensions: 17 x 14


Each artwork is accompanied by its own narrative  //  "Somewhere in the distant past, in a time before Light, a great Tortoise swam in a vast dark space. Tortoise was so immense and so limitless that all the stars in all the skies of all the worlds now known could fit into just one of her toes, and all the suns that have ever shone in any sky could fit in another. But in the age of Tortoise, there were no suns, and there were no stars or skies, for they had not yet been born. As Tortoise swam, her flippers lifted and lowered, carrying her slowly across the vast dark spaces. Here and there, as her quiet passage disturbed the great stillness, shimmering bands that were unlike the darkness appeared. As Tortoise exhaled, more and more of these shimmers danced in her breath, and the darkness around her was not so dark.The first Light had been born. As Tortoise swam on, some of the vast spaces were still filled with shadow, but here and there glistening fissures and whispering spans of brightness spread out around and above and below her. Light played against her surfaces and breadths and ridges, revealing her patient eyes, her broad head, and her strong shoulders. It spun along the scutes of her immense shell, and whirled around her great tail.Of course, being only Tortoise, she could not see herself, but amongst the old shadows and new light, the distant shapes of Others began to appear. Some among them were swimming or burrowing, and others were walking, weaving, dancing or flying, moving in their own way, slowly crossing the vast dark places. Tortoise continued to swim, inhaling shadow and light. And within her, other forms and worlds began to know their shape. "


All rights reserved © Jorie Jenkins

"Universal Mother, Chimaquatka” Original piece by Jorie Jenkins