Artist: Samantha Fisher

Artwork Title: Wheel of Fortune

Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.5 inches, framed

Media: Ink and Acrylic Painting


The Tarot, to me symbolizes a visual interpretation of life in all its forms and facets. As an artist I relate to the rich history and imagery of the deck. The deck is such a simple yet effective way to represent the entirety of life. Something that you can hold in your hand, soak in its beauty and also use it as a guide to your future. A beautiful stack of brightly colored drawings that can give you guidance and lead you to new discoveries and new purpose in life. The deck is a vehicle in which imagery can bring way to words and give answers to you when your in need of direction. A magical amalgamation of the world wrapped up in a simple yet symbolically packed stack of tiny fortune tellers.


Copyright 2021 Samantha Fisher


"Wheel of Fortune" Original Painting